SBR600 Koji Chess

Posted: February 1, 2011 in SBR600

Following up on the Mock post of chess. I have also completed the Koji Testing on this RPM. To run Koji you must have already done the following:

  • yum install fedora-packager
  • fedora-packager-setup
    • You need to login with your Fedora username and password
    • Setup a export password
    • Follow the steps it tells you to create a certificate in the firefox browser

You can now run the koji command:
[aparda@localhost SRPMS]$ koji build dist-f14 –scratch chess-5.05-1.fc14.src.rpm
Uploading srpm: chess-5.05-1.fc14.src.rpm
[====================================] 100% 00:00:06 163.45 KiB  25.30 KiB/sec
Created task: 2755581
Task info:


MOCK chess

Posted: February 1, 2011 in SBR600

Just to refresh; in one of my previous posts, I built the chess RPM and tested it with RPMLINT. Now I just finished testing it with mock. here were the results with mock:

[aparda@localhost SRPMS]$ mock -r fedora-14-i386 chess-5.05-1.fc14.src.rpm
INFO: version 1.1.8 starting…
State Changed: init plugins
INFO: selinux enabled
State Changed: start
INFO: Start(chess-5.05-1.fc14.src.rpm)  Config(fedora-14-i386)
State Changed: lock buildroot
State Changed: clean
INFO: chroot (/var/lib/mock/fedora-14-i386) unlocked and deleted
State Changed: unlock buildroot
State Changed: init
State Changed: lock buildroot
Mock Version: 1.1.8
INFO: Mock Version: 1.1.8
INFO: enabled root cache
State Changed: unpacking root cache
INFO: enabled yum cache
State Changed: cleaning yum metadata
INFO: enabled ccache
State Changed: running yum
State Changed: unlock buildroot
State Changed: setup
State Changed: build
INFO: Done(chess-5.05-1.fc14.src.rpm) Config(fedora-14-i386) 0 minutes 54 seconds
INFO: Results and/or logs in: /var/lib/mock/fedora-14-i386/result

I wasn’t able to run mock with the x86_64 arch, probably because the package doesn’t support it or something… So, I used the i386 arch instead. I also added “ncurses-devel” under buildrequires in my spec file.

Fedora In the Desert

Posted: February 1, 2011 in SBR600

The rest of the SBR600 students and I just got back home from Fudcon Tempe 2011. It was a pleasant experience which included talks from the experienced people in the Fedora community.

I  enjoyed the talks/discussion on the Arm Project from Chris Tyler and Paul Whalen, along with other informative sessions like the one on Asterisk .  I found everyone to be very friendly and open, whether faced with a difficult open source question, playing bowling at the FudPub or sharing stories… it was all fun.

We were well taken care of and I have nothing but good memories to take back to my cold home of Toronto.

RPM-Writing Lab

Posted: January 20, 2011 in SBR600

Today, I will be attempting the RPM-Writing Lab for SBR600.  I used the chess package and GVPE packages as examples in my last post, so  I’m going to continue with the same packages for this RPM build. Lets start with the chess RPM.

Before we do anything, these packages need to be installed:
yum groupinstall “Fedora Packager”
yum install rpmlint yum-utils

Also, Create the ~/rpmbuild directories and the ~/.rpmmacros file:

So, I made sure the chess tarball  was in the ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES directory and then i followed that by creating the spec file:
rpmdev-newspec chess

Now that the spec file was made, it was time to edit it. I made a few changes here and there with the little knowledge that I had. When I believed I was done I ran the build command:
rpmbuild -ba nameOfPackage.spec

and sure enough I got a few errors. The first couple of errors were pretty easy to fix and I laughed at myself after i fixed them. This one was a little more difficult to correct:

If the name of the rpm is something other than what the Source unpacks to, use this switch  to specify which directory the tarball unpacks to(Thanks to the fedora How To Package guide):
%setup -q -n chess
After correcting that, the rpmbuild command ran without any errors… Checkmate.
spec file
RPMLINT results:

SBR600 Build-from-Source Lab

Posted: January 15, 2011 in SBR600

This week in SBR600, we have to become familiar with the process of building a package. One of the packages I chose was chess; the name speaks for itself, its the strategy oriented game of chess… The second package I randomly chose was: gvpe; GVPE creates a virtual ethernet network with multiple nodes using a variety of transport protocols.
Here are the following steps I took to complete this lab:

Chess –>
Download the package:

Extract/unpack the code file from the tarball:
tar xvzf gnuchess-5.05.tar.gz

After the files were extracted i moved to the directory where the files were located:
cd chess

Run a script that configures the build for our particular system

Lastly, I ran the “time make” command

I pretty much followed the same steps with the GVPE build. The results were similar.
–>time make:

SBR600 Communication Lab

Posted: January 13, 2011 in SBR600

Hello everyone, my name is Andrew Parda. I am in my 6th semester of the CTY program at the Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. I am new to the open source community and this is my first blog. I’m excited at the opportunity of being able to contribute to this community and try new things.

Contact Information:

IRC Nickname :   aparda
Seneca Wiki :     aparda
Fedora Wiki :     aparda
Learn ID:           aparda