Arm Packaging Release 0.3

Posted: April 23, 2011 in SBR600

Finding a package to build hasn’t been easy these last couple of weeks. Mostly due to the fact that a majority of the failed packages rely on a handful of difficult packages. Packages such as: lucene, octave, ecj … Just to name a few. Although there has been little progress in the failed package building department this last week, I thought I’d make sort of a list of commands used throughout the semester I personally used to help me build packages for ARM.

Command                     |                  Short Description
yum info package –           displays information regarding a certain package.

yum provides file –           displays what package will provide that specific file

yumdownloader –source [package]” – downloads the src.rpm(source) of a specific package.

rpmdev-setuptree –                     sets up the the directory structure to build RPMs.

rpmdev-wipetree  –                      removes all the files from the rpmbuild directory structure.

yum groupinstall “Fedora Packager”-              Ensures you have the proper utilitys to build packages installed on your system(rpmlint,yum).

rpm -i package.src.rpm –                installs the package(I would usually use this in the SRPMS directory in rpmbuild structure. Produces files which include the spec of the package also).

mock -r package.src.rpm –    Does a mock build of the src.rpm package using the version of fedora that your system is. (Used for testing purposes)

rpmdev-bumpspec  –                Used to bump a version of a spec file after updating it.

koji –latest-pkg –dist13 package.src.rpm-    Searches the koji database for the latest version of the package being asked for(can also specify for which Fedora distribution).

arm-koji –latest-pkg –dist13 package.src.rpm – Same as the previous command. Instead it shows the latest version of a specific packages, but from the ARM Koji database.

arm-koji build dist-f13 –scratch package.fc13.src.rpm —  Makes a scratch build of a package for the ARM architecture. You are able to specify which distribution you wish to target.

rpmbuild -bs file.spec  — Builds a package.src.rpm from a spec file file.

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