Arm Packaging Release 0.1

Posted: March 9, 2011 in SBR600

Okay here are a few packages  that I and a group of others have been working on as our short term (0.1 release) goal.
We chose to start with these packages and gradually we’ve added more packages as we progressed.

However, at times we would run into dependency issues. Packages that we were trying to build were requiring libraries that weren’t yet built for arm; In which case we would add the dependency package to our growing list of problem packages.

Personally, I started off attempting to build the glom-1.13.4-1.fc13.armv5tel which failed due to dependency issues(needs libgdamm-3.99.19-1.fc13.armv5tel).
When I tried to resolve the libgdamm dependency, I ran into another dependency problem,
(libgda-4.1.4-1.fc13.src.rpm, armv5tel)  which brings me to where i am now…

I’ve been getting great feedback on possible fixes from community members through IRC and in person on how libgda-4.1.4 should be packaged for arm.  Also, there has been useful feedback and help I’ve gotten through ticketing systems:

All in all, progress is being made. baby steps but forward steps…

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