SBR600 Build-from-Source Lab

Posted: January 15, 2011 in SBR600

This week in SBR600, we have to become familiar with the process of building a package. One of the packages I chose was chess; the name speaks for itself, its the strategy oriented game of chess… The second package I randomly chose was: gvpe; GVPE creates a virtual ethernet network with multiple nodes using a variety of transport protocols.
Here are the following steps I took to complete this lab:

Chess –>
Download the package:

Extract/unpack the code file from the tarball:
tar xvzf gnuchess-5.05.tar.gz

After the files were extracted i moved to the directory where the files were located:
cd chess

Run a script that configures the build for our particular system

Lastly, I ran the “time make” command

I pretty much followed the same steps with the GVPE build. The results were similar.
–>time make:

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